Your Eurosatory 2022 models

November 18, 2021

Quality at your service

Your Eurosatory 2022 models
Eurosatory is in a few months, this important international event is surely one of the most beautiful showcases in order to show your know-how and we propose to accompany you in the realization of advertising objects, models, prototypes and high-end miniatures for your potential customers.
Top-of-the-range products for your models
Present on the model and miniatures market for more than 26 years, we are renowned for the quality of our models with an excellent quality / price ratio.
Quality models for major groups
With one of our mockups, you are guaranteed to have a prominent model on a desk that will enhance your brand image in the simplest way.
And the model measures just 16 cm

The quality of your models

We know that confidentiality is essential for you but to realize the majority of our models we do not need any confidential document. The dimensions as well as HD detail photos are enough for us to make your miniatures.

AMX 10 RCr model by Promodels

Ready for one of your own name-brand projects ?
We are like you, we need time to make a beautiful model and if you do it early enough the price is more interesting rather than working in a hurry with a higher price, so do not hesitate.
Do you want to promote your product with a quality model? the request is just one click away!