High-end industrial models

About Our Company

Since 1995, we've been assisting our customers with their marketing communication campaigns, providing advice, creativity and expertise to create prestigious prototypes and models customized to their image.
We produce high-quality products in small and medium-sized runs of all sizes, with constant attention to detail, and to the highest standards of craftsmanship.
Our team is made up of qualified personnel working in the "old-fashioned" way, with all the know-how acquired over many years, as well as the latest 3D technologies. The combination of these two skills enables us to offer you the very best of each experience, in order to provide you with top-of-the-range prototypes and miniatures.

Example of a model in parts

- Shell and chassis made of resin from a 3D prototype
- Grids and small parts made of nickel silver photo-etching
- Rubber tires
- Injected plastic parts
- Decals for markings and decorations
Parts also present in our other models
- Machined metal barrel (brass or aluminum)

Our services

Whether your project is a prototype or a production model, we can design and produce for you any miniature you'd like to promote to your prospects.
To support all our customers, we are able to offer small runs of just a few units to much larger runs, always with the same high quality.

Our products are either:
- 100% French manufacture, with a workshop in Paris for prototype development and small series production.
- We also have a workshop in Europe and suppliers all over the world.
It's up to you to choose the production method you prefer!
Our miniatures are made with all the right materials to respect the specific details of each vehicle.

Integrated details in our miniatures:
- Detailed cabin with transparent windows
- Detailed wheels with rubber tires
- Machine gun tube and/or barrel machined in metal
- Photo-etched metal protective grilles
- Realistic camouflage
- Branded decals with your image/logo on vehicle.
- Packaging in your colors with your information and logo.
- High-quality display box

Scale models as realistic as the ones you want to promote.
For your promotional models, we can reproduce any model in any scale, but a 15/20 cm miniature remains the best compromise between quality and price, as well as the best size for your miniature to remain on a desk to do its promotional work, in full view of everyone.

Custom Packaging

Small-scale production
 in our Paris workshop

Custom colors and markings

Parts adapted to their uses

A customization service for your specific requirements

Do you have a particular need? We can meet all your requirements for customizing, transforming, restoring or integrating any model into a diorama, so that it adapts exactly to your needs.
VBMR Griffon with CAMTAC camouflage
Arquus / Renault Trucks Defense Higuard Qatari
Nexter MBT Leclerc 140 camouflage coyote
PVP RAID diorama with figurines