Tank carrier Renault TRM 700-100

June 13, 2021

Renault Trucks Defense in UN livery

The Renault TRM 700-100 (All-wheel-drive, 700hp, 100t) tank transporter has been developed for transporting heavy equipment, in particular the Leclerc tank.
It is based on the TRM 10000, the French Army's heavy tactical logistics truck.
It differs from this version in that it has a reinforced chassis and transmission, a more powerful engine, a more spacious five-seat cab and twin rear wheels.

TRM 700/100 model by Promodels

The aim of my work on the Promodels models is to make this magnificent Renault TRM 700-100 tank carrier with its load, the VBCI, more attractive and more "operational", also in its UN white livery, personally mounted and painted by the talented Elodie.
Proven combat
It's a tricky job, because you can quickly end up with a version that's too dirty or too clean, so you have to imagine and create a compromise!
Inspired by the remarkable work of Domingo Hernandez, photos seen on Olivier's website, I was hoping for a less marked rendering, in terms of patina, ageing and dirt. Of course, knowing me, the addition of figurines, always supplied by Olivier and Elodie, has become something of a "trademark" of mine.
  • Miniature-porte-char-TRM-700-100-1/48
  • Miniature-porte-char-TRM-700-100-1/48
  • Miniature-porte-char-TRM-700-100-1/48
Details that make all the difference
For the vehicles, I opted for the easy way out, since I didn't have to assemble and paint this model, which is an assembled and painted version of the Master Fighter rangeThe model has been somewhat aged and soiled by me, but the white tint has been left untouched, as it perfectly renders the hue so difficult to achieve in miniature!

To achieve this very realistic look, the vehicle is first painted in its original color, then repainted in white as in reality.
The figures and the addition of a few accessories, such as straps, give this set even more realism.
It's great fun to work on quality models that only need to be improved when it comes to the customization you want.
Promodels miniatures "leaving the factory" before ageing by Robert Barret
A superb ensemble that illustrates the mobility capabilities of both the TRM and VBCI ranges of vehicles.
Miniature tank carrier trm 700 100 VBCI
Finally, a photo of the TRM 700-100 tank carrier and its SRPC 50 trailer, accompanied by its emblematic Leclerc tank.
Among the "outsize" models we offered, the TRM 700-100 will remain one of the most emblematic for being the tank carrier for the Leclerc tank, and above all because it was one of our best commercial successes.
Models by Promodels, aging and "operational" conditioning by Robert Barret.

Texts by Robert Barret and Olivier Saint-lot