VLRA 2 STL 4.36 model

July 18, 2021

A myth! A model of the VLRA 2 Arquus

Even if the myth comes from its predecessor, the VLRA Acmat, version 2 is the worthy successor with its rejuvenated design, which may or may not please according to tastes, and which retains its rustic aspect so dear to the original version.
All the simplicity of the VLRA can be found in the Promodels model.

Acmat VLRA 2 STL 4.36 model

Promodels offers the model of the Acmat VLRA 2 truck in a cargo version.
The model benefits from all the usual quality of the brand with all the very fine details represented as accurately as possible.
As for the real vehicle, the model is compact and rustic to accurately reflect this specific aspect of the VLRA Acmat.
Simple, but with all the details, such as the winch and non-slip front fenders.

From ALM, ACMAT to Arquus

With a particularly ingenious design, some vehicles become timeless. This is the case with the VLRA [Light reconnaissance and support vehicle], designed in the 1960s by Ateliers Legueu Meaux [ALM], then produced by ACMAT, since absorbed by ARQUUS [formerly Renault Trucks Defense].
In 1966, Paul Legueu moved his father's business to Saint-Nazaire and created the Ateliers de Construction Mécanique de l'Atlantique (ACMAT). It transforms VCOMs (Overseas Combat Vehicles) into VLRA (Reconnaissance and Support Liaison Vehicles), vehicles particularly suited to the needs of overseas troops, special forces and young armies from decolonization.
A beautiful mock-up, a showcase box and packaging in your colors = a successful promotion.
The VLRA 2 is a family of light tactical vehicles sharing a single all-wheel drive chassis, designed specifically for military needs. Evolution of the VLRA 1, sold in 12,000 copies worldwide, it retains its rusticity, its non-electronic variants, its autonomy, as well as its lowered gooseneck chassis for easy loading.
The VLRA family includes a wide variety of logistics carriers or 4 × 4 and 6 × 6 personnel carriers. A Special Forces Torpedo version was also sold. The VLRA is already in service in many countries around the world and is used in the most demanding theaters of operation.
Simple, sturdy, it's all in the model!
Described as a veritable "mechanical dromedary" or "desert camel", the VLRA has largely proved its worth within the French forces [both classic and special], with its range of 1,400 km, its endurance, its versatility and its crossing capacities.
The genius of Paul Legueu has revolutionized the way in which the issues of support for his vehicle are taken into account.
With few electronics, easily removable and interchangeable parts between all versions, easy maintenance and its hardiness, the VLRA has become a myth in countries where the support infrastructure is quite limited and where resourcefulness reigns supreme.
Customization on demand
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