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July 30, 2023

The AMX 13 light tank family

Model AMX 13 light tank

Between 1953 and 1985, 7,700 French AMX-13 light tanks were produced, of which 3,400 were exported to 35 countries.
The basis of this tank was used to produce many variants of the self-propelled gun troop transport.
Development began in 1946, was largely financed by the USA and lasted until 1955 at the Ateliers de Construction d'Issy-les-MoulineauX (AMX), ending in 1985.
The number 13 originally denoted the tank's weight in tons.
The tank's first operational deployment was during Operation Musketeer in Suez in 1956, and it was subsequently sent to Algeria.

AMX 13 with 75 mm FL10 turret

Decoration of 2nd REC Port Fouad Suez 1956

The FL 10 oscillating turret was armed with the excellent SA 50 75 mm semi-automatic gun with a muzzle velocity of 1,000 m/s, itself derived from the WW2 Panther gun.
The feed was equipped with an original system of two rotating barrels with a capacity of six shells, which "saved" the use of the magazine, but required the gun to be turned back once the 12 shells had been fired.

AMX 13 105mm self-propelled gun

self-propelled AMX 13 105

Developed in 1949 but not put into service until 1955, this self-propelled gun version was fitted with the first modern 105 mm gun developed in Western countries since the Second World War, and offered total protection for the crew.

AMX 13 M 54 recovery vehicle

model AMX 13 recovery solido

Designed to recover immobilized armored equipment, this crane is also suitable for handling operations such as lifting engines and turrets.

AMX 13 with M24 CHAFFEE turret


In order to optimize US equipment that had reached the end of its useful life, the M24 Chaffee turrets, and above all their gun and ammunition, were adapted to the excellent AMX 13 chassis.
These vehicles were deployed in Algeria until 1962, when they were dismantled and used as training vehicles.

AMX 13 with FL11 turret


Following a request from Indochina for a light tank adapted to an Asian environment, it was decided to adapt the turret of the Panhard 75 mm EBR to lighten its weight and shorten its size for air transport requirements.
The end of the Indochina war meant that only 5 examples were built and put into service with the 2nd R.E.C. at Oujda (Morocco). In 1956, these aircraft were sold to Morocco following the country's independence.

AMX 13 VCI 20mm turret


In the AMX 13 VTT family, the latest versions, known as Véhicule de Combat d'Infanterie, were armed with a turret equipped with a 20mm rapid-fire gun, the T20-13 or Toucan I.

AMX 13 VCG engineering tank


The VCG version could carry a squad of 10 crew to carry out earthmoving, lifting, clearing and destruction missions, thanks to the vehicle's specialized equipment.
The tank is equipped with a dozer blade, a detachable crane and 2 hydraulic winches controlled from inside the vehicle, as well as specialized pioneer tools.

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