AMX 30 B2 Daguet tank 1991

April 4, 2021

Model tank AMX 30 B2 Daguet 1991

The 1991 AMX 30 B2 Daguet tank in battle!
On February 24, 1991, the 4th Dragons tank regiment was launched on its target, the "AS Salman" village in northern Iraq.
As part of the Daguet Division, it controlled the outskirts of its objective from 2.00 pm on February 25...
The AMX30 B2 "112" tank was part of this operation!
Given the context of this glorious page in our military history, it was essential to make this model as "warlike" as possible.
So here's a photo of the real tank in scale 1, followed by photos of its 1/48 "replica".
There are many photos of these tanks that took part in the fighting in February 1991, so I drew my ideas for transformations from photos found on the net and in various magazines

Promodels models: an undeniable asset for your strategy

For this miniature, I went even further with the patina, the detail markings, the accessories, the various marks and scratches, the many and varied soiling and the addition of a new camouflage net.
  • model-AMX-30-B2-Daguet-1991
  • model-AMX-30-B2-Daguet-1991

The AMX 30 B2 Daguet tank by GIAT Industrie / Nexter

The program to upgrade the AMX 30 was adopted in June 1979, and was clearly necessary in view of the technological advances made in battle tanks, particularly in the field of fire control with laser rangefinders, electronic computers and low-light television.
The first production AMX 30 B2s were delivered to the 503rd R.C.C. in January 1982, and underwent an accelerated ageing program to detect any youth-related illnesses.
In 1991, the 4th Dragons Regiment deployed some 40 AMX 30 B2 tanks with the "Daguet" Division

In terms of firepower, the AMX-30B2's was significantly enhanced by the possibility of firing the APDSFS arrow shell, with COTAC fire control, giving it a 90% first-shot hit probability at 2000 meters.
For mobility, the AMX-30B2 received a multi-fuel engine and a semi-automatic torque-converter gearbox with electro-hydraulic controls and hydrostatic steering.

Des maquettes haut de gamme pour illustrer notre histoire

  • model-in-action-AMX-30-B2-Daguet
  • model-in-action-AMX-30-B2-Daguet
  • model-in-action-AMX-30-B2-Daguet
The model offered in the Master Fighter range is highly realistic, featuring all the details specific to the version used in Operation Daguet.
In addition to the skirts, rarely used in operations, the 20 mm ammunition boxes and the side plates on either side of the turret, which were only fitted during this operation, stand out.
Always a stickler for detail, Promodels, the military model specialist, offers us a "combat proven" tank model.

All markings are based on historic photos and represent tank n°112 with its original registration.
The photo-cutting in metal gives an incomparable rendering of the ventilation grille and exhaust protections.

Master Fighter model with Gaso.line accessories, aged and patinated by Robert Barret
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I recommend the excellent book on the AMX 30 just published by Editions ETAI, by authors Thomas SEIGNON and Merlin P. ROBINSON, with a preface by Charles BEAUDOUIN. These are people who know their subject very well, having seen the "beast" from the inside.