A catalog of high-end mock-ups for your products

March 5, 2023

Mock-ups are a good way of easily different versions of a product

ARMIS 8x8 model

The ARMIS 8x8 is a great example of breadboard support so we can modify different possible loadout patterns and potential configurations on a single base.

Griffon and Armis 8x8 as a working basis

From griffin to OTM, VOA or MEPAC, a fine catalog in prospect!
The other excellent support is (and will be) naturally the VBMR Griffon, which with all the versions planned, should provide a large panel of very interesting specialized versions to achieve.

Specific models for specific needs

Mock-ups, a practical tool for a volumetric vision of your projects
Whether for different potential customers or to target a specific service, your products need to come as close as possible to the objective
and promote the most representative product possible.
All kinds of customization are possible, and rather than a virtual catalog, you can have physical, volumetric mock-ups that are more representative than a virtual model.
  • Truck-Arms-8x8-container-carrier
  • Model-Army-8x8-armored-tanker
  • mock-up-ARMIS-8x8-positionable-tray
Container carrier, armored tank and drop deck versions.

Promodels your made-to-measure model maker

From a single model to a small or large series, Promodels can manage your product catalog.
Promodels will customize your layouts according to your specifications.

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