Tanker Truck 5000l

July 11, 2021

Avitailleur Renault Trucks Titan Defense

High-end model of the 5000l refueller truck
Very proud to have produced models for SEO with Renault Trucks and Titan Defense and you can see that as usual we have achieved a very beautiful model with all the very fine details and very realistic, all done without a 3D file therefore guaranteed protection for your documents.
Renault Trucks, Titan Defense, SEA, your brands prominently displayed on a top-of-the-range model
The models which are out of the ordinary, as can be this refueller, are always a new small challenge and stimulates us to find new manufacturing solutions.
Note that all details are painted in their respective colors for a better finish.

Operational Energy Service (SEO)

Formerly the Service des Essences des Armées (SEA), the SEO is a joint service responsible for supplying all the armed forces.
It is a joint service of the French Army, reporting to the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.
The SEO is responsible for the supply, storage, distribution and quality of fuels and lubricants for the land vehicles, aircraft and ships of the French armed forces and the Gendarmerie Nationale.
Creation of the SEA in 1940 (see our article Renault D2 France 1940)
All the details with the photo-cut metal railing
It's always interesting to get out of our comfort zone to make prototypes outside of our chosen field and that's probably what keeps us going best when we have the end result in our hands.
Defense models
As you can see everywhere, all the markings are present on all the small parts in order to promote your models.
Unfortunately, the manufacturing took place before the new name of SEA, which explains the old logo.
Quality is in the details
Remember that the photos show our models bigger than they are and that tells you all about our expertise in terms of quality.
I would also like to thank the people at Renault Trucks and Titan Defense who provided us with the right documents to make such a detailed model.
Trucks, Tanks, Guns, Missiles, we make models of all types and always of the highest quality.

TITAN DEFENSE at a glance

Titan Défense is a specialist in refueling solutions for harsh environments.
For many years, this French company has been supplying tactical military refuelers and oleoservers that support the forces at our air bases in France and on overseas operations.
The MORE-RR5 tanker, or CCA5 in the SEO version, is a compact vehicle ideally suited to on-base or operational pistol refueling. Its modular design and unrivalled ergonomics make it a refueling vehicle perfectly suited to the needs of military bases. With its 4 x 4 chassis, the refueler gains in mobility.

The CCA5 is more suited to airbases, and with its 5000l capacity, to small aircraft or helicopters.
If need be, it can also be deployed on OPEX operations.
We won't mention the Renault Trucks cab and chassis in this article, as it would take several volumes to cover the subject of our national manufacturer.
Inspiration for a diorama
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