You were wondering how our models are designed?

December 3, 2022

Here's a good supply of French materials to make quality models in our Paris workshop.

Here are some of the parts you can find in our models

Machine gun barrel, 20 mm F2 cannon (GIAT M693) or larger caliber cannon as well as several sheets of small photo-cut brass parts, here is something to embellish top-of-the-range models with finesse.

1/48 Themis Milrem ARX20 Nexter model with machined metal barrel
Our bar turners (thank you Savoie!) work for manufacturers as well as for professional model makers and always with the same quality!
A diorama created to the customer's specifications

Multi-material high-end model = multiple qualities 

With our models, you are not just buying a model, you are buying know-how with the quality inherent in our productions.
Each new technology has its benefits that you have to know how to use wisely, but even if you can obtain a complete 3D model, you will still not have (for the moment!) models that are solid, precise and as well detailed as with different materials.
Professional model maker means knowing how to use the right material for each use and it is a know-how that we have been using for more than 27 years.

Caesar 1/87 scale model - Not always the same scale, but always the same quality

Whatever the scale, our models always benefit from the same attention for the choice of the appropriate materials.

1:48 scale model of the RAID PVP

Apart from the metal parts, the quality of a model also lies in the finish provided, for example, by realistic markings.

Ladders, railings or handrails: photos are an indispensable part of a detailed model.

The right material for the right use, what better than a machined metal barrel or a brass photo-cut grid to best represent the details of your products.

 Promodels supplier of high-end models

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