The AMX 30 B2 family in model form

May 26, 2022

Guide to model scales


If you need to have models made of your products, here is a short guide to help you choose the appropriate scale according to your needs.
The first thing to think about to refine your project is to determine approximately the size of the miniature you want.

For the scale it is very simple, for 1/10, the miniature will be 10 times smaller than your model and for 1/48, it is 48 times smaller.

Naturally, the comments below are geared towards fairly large vehicle models but for smaller or larger projects, the most important thing you need to keep in mind is the final size of the model and especially the use that want to do it

Exhibitions, gifts, presentations,a model for all your projects

To see the difference between a 1/10 LAV and a 1/48 PVP

The different scales each have their own specificities with advantages but also disadvantages
The “large” models are more intended for exhibition during shows where it is difficult to move the real model. The use as a didactic model can also be very useful thanks to the size of the details.
A sufficient size to present a vehicle on a small stand or in a show to present your products. If you have a gift to give to a celebrity, this is the ideal size.
Models for making small series of VIP gifts.
The most suitable size so that your model remains on a desk and does its promotional work on its own, all with sufficiently precise quality to promote your product.
With this model size, you have the possibility of presenting a range of products with different models or a variation of several versions of the same product.

Promodels of models all sizes, all scales

Promodels of models all sizes, all scales
An important question that you must ask yourself is to know the objectives and the target clientele in order to correctly define your needs.
Naturally, we are here to help you define the best solution for you and if you wish, come visit our showroom and workshop in Paris 12th.

The quality always remains the same, whatever the scale, even at 1/87

Our models are offered and presented in the most suitable packaging depending on the final use of the model. Showcase box for gifts and air transport flight case for exhibition models for example.

Promodels is able to create for you all the model scales you want for your different needs.
To discuss it, we will be happy to meet you on our stand B981 Hall 5A at Eurosatory from June 13 to 17 in Villepinte / Paris