Scarabee Arquus armored vehicle

December 9, 2019

The first-born of Arquus the Scarabee

Model Scarabée Arquus
The firstborn of ARQUUS, the Scarab is a light armored vehicle, designed for reconnaissance, assistance with engagement, support, contact of the enemy or behind the lines.
sizes 110 x 45 x 60 mm
With a very compact size, equivalent to that of the VB2L, the Scarab is air transportable.
Also air droppable it has the capacity to fulfill missions of assault pose, with embedded personnel and weapons committed according to the standards, allowing the security of strategic points.
  • Model-Scarab-Arquus-Master-Fighter-1/48th
  • Model-Scarabée-Arquus-1/48e

High-end industrial models

The advantage of a miniature is also to experiment with options of armaments and / or configurations while keeping the proportions while having a volume with a concrete rendering.
Scarabee with Nexter ARX20
Scarabee with MBDA Mistral missiles
Scarabee with T1 Arquus turret and Scorpion experimental camouflage
Before going to paint on a real vehicle, rendering tests are essential and the miniature lend themselves very well.