VBMR model program Scorpion modelisme Paris

June 13, 2019

Miniature VBMR Griffon 1/48 Scorpion program

Miniature VBMR 1/48th Scorpion program

Top of the range scale models Paris

Always at the forefront of the news, Promodels offers 2 versions of the VBMR Scorpion program made by Nexter / Arquus / Thales.
As you can see, the miniature contains all the equipment for an OPEX configuration and all the details are very finely represented.
Mock-up VBMR 1:48 Nexter / Arquus / Thales

Griffon model with VIP boxart
As you can see, the miniatures are already in production with the Scorpion color scheme.
As usual at Promodels, a high-quality miniature, a beautiful display box protecting the model and packaging corresponding to customers.
Details, details and more details...
As you can see, we are committed to reproducing as much detail as possible to best represent all the know-how of our manufacturers.
In the Scorpion program, I'd like the VBMR Griffon!
Miniature Scorpion Griffin
Scorpio program... Scorpion Camouflage