The VLRA, a Paris Dakar-winning myth

January 19, 2022

Promodels is also our heritage models


January 20, 1981, Acmat wins the Paris Dakar with his VLRA

1981 saw the 3rd start of the Paris Dakar, with two VLRA 4x4 Acmat trucks taking part.
The crews were made up of military personnel from the French civil security service.
Despite the robustness of the vehicles, one of them was forced to abandon, while the other continued its race, helping other competitors in difficulty.
Behaving remarkably well, the VLRA suffered only one puncture and one radiator leak during the entire rally.
For Acmat, it's a great way of demonstrating the vehicle's excellent durability.
Acmat VLRA restored for the inauguration of the Arquus heritage site
That's why Promodels is reproducing this mythical vehicle in the winning configuration of the 1981 Paris Dakar, restored for the inauguration of the Arquus heritage. 
Good documentation, a good model, that's a good model !

All the details specific to this model are reproduced, starting with the raised side panels that are characteristic of this version of the VLRA, or the "ALM" name on the front wheel hubs, reproduced despite the thinness of this marking.

Acmat VLRA the legend !

The only deviation from the heritage model we allowed ourselves was to modify the number 302 on the tarpaulin, very characteristic with its different-sized figures, which is less realistic than the photos of the period model.
But the story may not be over yet, as Sandra RIVIERE, General Manager of Garage Stêr, is attempting to take part in the Dakar 2023 rally in an Acmat VLRA 1 with the help of the OMAT company, and you can support her and send her your encouragement.
This model is available for booking and should be available by mid-March. Don't hesitate to reserve it!

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