RAID with PVP in action

January 9, 2022

Promodels models in the news

Promodels is able to take on a wide range of subjects for the production of models, as well as designing any kind of diorama to showcase your most diverse projects.
RAID in action
With the release of its new pair of elite police figurines, PVP is now well accompanied by a staging that is, unfortunately, too realistic and too frequent in recent years.
The figurines are only 36 mm high!!! Top-of-the-range even at this scale
In addition to its expertise in high-end models, Promodels has the ability to create figurines, accessories or environments that can enhance any subject.

Acmat VLRA the legend !

In addition to being precise, it's realistic and, for us, natural!

PVP Arquus in action with RAID

Maximum quality for a model under 10 cm
Recreating a living being is no easy task, and to reproduce a natural form with all the constraints of realism requires a unique know-how that Promodels has in its team

In all, 16 PVPs are available to the RAID, but the BRI has also used the vehicle.
French territory is not considered a war zone, but in the face of ever-increasing threats from Kalashnikov-type automatic weapons, the PVP is a welcome addition.

Promodels is a company that offers top-of-the-range models with infinite possibilities to enhance all your projects.
From one-offs made in France to large-scale production runs, we're sure to be able to meet all your expectations.
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