Renault ED model from 1914

November 25, 2020

The beginnings of camouflage

To show you that we can personalize all your models, we could have painted a miniature in black with small yellow dots but we prefer to illustrate our point with a historical “fresco”.

From fresco to Scorpion camouflage

1:48 scale model of Nexter VBCI with Scorpion camouflage

All periods, all nationalities

As part of our production of miniatures and models, we are called upon to produce vehicles of all nationalities and all periods.
Naturally, we have a big soft spot for French models but we are happy to offer the evolution from the beginnings of military mechanization to the present day.
Technically, it gives us as much interest in designing a armored car 1914 as a EBRC 2020 (Reconnaissance and Combat Armored Vehicle).

A little history for the Renault ED 1914 miniature

A little history for the Renault ED 1914 miniature by Gaso.line
About a hundred « armored Renault » were ordered in 1914 and it was the first large-scale auto-machine gun of the French army. The experience of the combat quickly shows the insufficiency of the 5 mm armor which does not withstand German S bullets. This problem is quickly resolved with the adoption of armor from Saint-Chamond and by the increase in the thickness of the 5.5mm shielding.

The Auto-Machine Gun versions are used for close protection of 47 mm cannon autos, also mounted on Renault ED. Renault type ED is armed with an 8 mm St Etienne machine gun on an anti-aircraft chassis. Mainly painted in artillery gray, some very original camouflages made their appearance.
Among other things, 4 shades on a gray background cut out with black borders or landscapes with trees.
100 years of history Arquus
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From the AM Renault 1914 to the Scarabee d'Arquus

Model 1/48 AM Renault ED - AMD Panhard 178 - AML 90 Panhard - Scarabée Arquus
All the miniatures are on the same scale and this photo makes it easy to visualize the evolution of "similar" materials in different eras.
All our models are customizable according to your wishes and we remain at your entire disposal for all your requests.
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