Custom mock-ups

September 5, 2021

Maquette haut de gamme personnalisées

Miniature Scorpion Griffin
The personalized model.
Do you have a gift to give, a project to praise, an event to mark, a departure to celebrate or any other occasion that you want to materialize with a specific miniature?
So don't hesitate! we can surely help you.
Model Renault B1 bis tank for an ORSEM promotion
If the vehicle is in our catalog, nothing could be simpler, just give us your wishes and we will offer you a quote for the realization of a high-end model with all your wishes.
We can easily make you a personalized painting, decoration or commemorative plaque very easily.
Model VBL Panhard decoration Kuwait
Here is a small selection of some high-end models that we have produced for various events and which have fully satisfied their beneficiaries.
1/48 scale model of the Leclerc 140 tank Experimental terminator
1/48 model of an AMX 30 B2 Brenus FORAD decoration
A version of our famous VAB from Renault Truck Defense

Restoration and repair of industrial models

Restoration of a 1/32 AMX 30 Shahine
We also have a repair and restoration service for your old models in order to take full advantage of the objects that illustrate your heritage.
Restoration model ERC 90 Sagaie Panhard 1/32
For all requests, do not hesitate to contact us