The AMX 30 B2 family in model form

July 24, 2022

AMX 30 B2 in high-end model


AMX, initials known to everyone but many do not know their origin.

Here is a short explanation of the text illustrated with models because creating miniatures also means being interested in the subjects on which we work and history is an integral part of our corporate culture.

AMX is the contraction of the name of the Issy-les-MoulineauX construction workshops which were born at the end of 1936 from the nationalization of a Renault Factory workshop created in 1917 for the construction of FT-17 tanks. He was responsible for the study and production of prototypes of armored vehicles.

The factory saw Renault tanks from 1914 and those from 1940 pass through. Many projects were developed just before the war and a first concrete achievement was the running gear of the Renault R40 tank which took part in the French campaign in 1940.

In 1949, the prototype of the AMX-13 was created, production began in Roanne in 1952 and in 1967, it was the turn of the AMX-30.

Les maquettes Promodels, des modèles de qualité !

Promodels with its catalog of historic models could not miss the most popular post-war French battle tank.
Since history is not written in the singular, we could not ignore the main versions of the AMX 30 with a very prolific family.
As usual for our productions, the models are made with the appropriate materials for each use in order to have a maximum level of detail and finesse. But better than words here are some photos of our models

AMX 30 B2 tank

The AMX 30 upgrade program was adopted in June 1979 and was truly necessary given the technological developments from which combat tanks have benefited. The first production AMX 30 B2s were received by the 503rd R.C.C. in January 1982 and underwent an accelerated aging program to detect possible youthful illnesses.
In 1991 the 4th Dragoon Regiment deployed around forty AMX 30 B2 tanks within the “Daguet” Division.
AMX 30 B2 tank model with specific Daguet operation equipment

AMX 30 Roland tank

The AMX 30 Roland was introduced into the army in 1977 at the 54th RA in Verdun. The Franco-German Roland missile is a short-range surface-to-air missile (SAM). It is one of the few foreign missiles purchased by the US military. The Roland system was withdrawn from service in 2008

Very detailed details for a model of only 14 cm

AMX 30 D recovery tank

The AMX-30 D is a recovery vehicle designed based on the AMX-30 B battle tank and intended to repair the latter. As equipment, it has a blade at the front, a powerful winch, a small on-board field workshop as well as its hydraulic crane with a power of 15 tonnes

Realistic decorations and paint finishes for a quality model

AMX 30 Pluto tank

The Pluton was a mobile missile launcher on an AMX 30 chassis intended for nuclear deterrence during the Cold War. It replaced the Honest John missile, of American origin. The Pluto is a supersonic solid-propelled missile. The range of the missile was 17 to 120 km with an accuracy of 200 to 400m.
Promodels model at 1/48th scale

Armored Engineering Vehicle AMX 30 EBG

The AMX30 EBG Armored Engineering Vehicle, derived from the AMX 30B2, is intended to fulfill a large number of mobility assistance and counter-mobility missions: opening and closing of routes, clearance of obstacles, development fords....
A true tracked "Swiss army knife", it is equipped with an AANF1 machine gun under turret, a dozer blade, a working arm that can use a log grabber, an auger or a hydraulic chainsaw, a winch with a capacity of 15 to 20 tonnes, a demolition charge launcher and four mine-launching tubes.
Despite the complexity of the vehicle, all details are present and faithfully reproduced

AMX 30 EBD mine clearance tank

The AMX 30 EBD is the result of a "crash program" as part of Operation Daguet during the Gulf War of 1991. To do this, some AMX 30Bs were modified by adapting a Soviet KMT system. -5 (ex-NVA) causing mines to explode. The machine is remotely controlled up to 2,000 meters to spare crews the stress of explosions.
Model made from the only machine still existing at the Saumur tank museum

Au F-1 155 mm self-propelled gun GCT

The 155 mm Au F1 self-propelled gun on AMX 30 chassis (AMX Au F1) is a French ground-to-ground artillery system mounted on an AMX 30 chassis (but designed to be adaptable to other platforms: T-80, Leopard 2, etc.) equipped with a 155mm GCT (Grande Cadence de Tir) 39 caliber cannon. The Au F1 is equipped with an automatic loading system allowing it to successively load the 42 projectiles at NATO standard stored at the rear of the turret, with a range of 4.5 to 30 kilometers and a rate of 6 rounds per minute.
Since the GPF of 1917, a story of French love and success for the 155 mm

AMX 30 B2 Brennus tank

The Brennus is the ultimate model of the AMX30 B2 tank which will make the transition between the AMX30 and the Leclerc tank. It was in the 1990s that the reactive armor system, called Brennus, was developed for the AMX-30B2. The system uses 112 “GIAT BS G2” over-armor bricks which are reinforced steel reactive boxes each weighing approximately 10 kg with 400 grams of explosives for a total excess weight of 1.7 t and which offers protection equivalent to 400 mm of steel at 60°.

Mine clearance tank AMX 30 B2 DT Brennus

The AMX30 B2 DT Brennus version with KMT system is a detection tank, remotely controlled and equipped with URDAN rollers. The tanks can be equipped with rollers or plows but the use of the roller tank is only in the remote-controlled version, and is intended to "test the terrain to be crossed" which is not recognized! The system makes it possible to eliminate most AC mines laid or buried up to a depth of 0.30m.
Mine clearance model-AMX-30-B2-DT-Brennus-1/48e
A great challenge for a very complex model

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