An exceptional model - Scania's CaRaPACE

May 28, 2023

Promodels expands its range of French Army fuel service models

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CaRaPACE, an armoured tanker for hostile zones


The CaRaPACE (Camion Ravitailleur Petrolier de l'Avant a Capacite Etendue) is an armoured truck produced by Scania that tows a 22 m3 Maisonneuve tank trailer.
One of the special features of this vehicle is that it has a level 2B armoured cab produced by Essonne Sécurite, making it the first French oil tanker capable of operating in hostile areas.
The CaRaPACE was successfully deployed for the first time in Mali as part of Operation Barkhane in 2018 and saved the lives of its crew when an IED exploded in January 2020, the armoured cab having acted as protection.
The SEO ordered 34 examples of this vehicle and, following various feedback from Mali, requested a number of modifications, which were carried out on the '2' generation of this vehicle, which is the subject of this article.

Scania's CaRaPACE tanker mock-up by Promodels


Even with an image larger than the actual size of the model, the quality is still impressive.

As with the first version of this model, Promodels has gone to great lengths to reproduce all the details for which our products are renowned.
The main visual modification to the model is the change of wheels with tyres better suited to sandy terrain.
The change of wheels means that the mudguards have been removed, and we've put a lot of effort into fine-tuning the details of the centralised inflation system, which remains an interesting and very rare challenge on a model, especially at this scale.

A limited, numbered series for an exceptional model


A photo that shows the finesse of our work, the correct markings, the protective grids for the lights, the parts painted in the right colour, the details as on the real vehicle, a tyre tread that is correct to reality and, above all, don't forget that the photo is 200% bigger than the model!


It's all the little details that make the difference between a simple model and a high-end Promodels model, because for us, this quality is part of our "DNA" and is included in the creation of our models right from the start.

Promodels mock-ups can also be used to showcase your customers and your brands.

If you too have a need for top-of-the-range models, don't hesitate to contact us!