Novakamp models by Promodels

September 12, 2022

Novakamp's miniature entrenched camp


Having already presented a 1/10th scale model of one of our creations for Eurosatory, here's another large-scale model on a smaller scale.

A 1.2 x 1 metre diorama in 1/87th scale, produced for Novakamp Industry.

how to present a project covering several hectares on a diorama measuring just 1.2 by 1 metre
As with the didactic Jaguar, the specifications were very detailed, but for very different needs.
Promodels has no problem going from manufacturing a large didactic "object" for a specific use, to small, highly detailed models for an equally specific need, but with a very different purpose.
Some of Novakamp's solutions illustrated by scale models

An industrial model that lives up to expectations

In addition to top-of-the-range models, our skills also extend to the whole environment, and it's with all this complementary know-how that we can offer our customers staging solutions that concretize and enhance their solutions with dioramas.


The model, an indispensable work tool for trade shows

Many beautiful stars interested in Novakamp solutions with the help of our work and know-how.

A nice "text explanation" for highly attentive officers who can immediately visualize, in a single view, all the capabilities of the Novakamp group.

  • Promodels-diorama-camp-Novakamp
  • Promodels-diorama-camp-Novakamp
A complete project, right down to the flight case

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