Model AMX 10 RCr SEPAR Mali

November 28, 2021

Our quality, as seen by our customers

A 19 cm scale model 1:48 scale
We're sure that our models are of very high quality, and we hope that customers realize this, but it's even better when customers let us know in the nicest possible way, by highlighting our models with their know-how.
Good day to you, sir,

I'm delighted to send you some photos of your superb 1:48 scale model of the AMX-10 RCR SEPAR.
This model was entrusted to me by the Bureau Programmes et Systèmes d'Arme (Programs and Weapon Systems Office) of the French Army's General Staff. It has been completely repainted and put in a Malian setting with the RICM insignia.
Since this summer, the model has been on display in one of the showcases at the French Army headquarters in Balard.
Thank you again for the quality of the models you and your team produce.

Yours sincerely,
Lieutenant-Colonel Antoine LEDOUX
Head of the Coordination and Decision Support Unit
Strasbourg-Haguenau-Colmar Defense Base Headquarters
Just the right touch of aging!

AMX 10 RCr model by Promodels

The basic model
The RICM is the most decorated regiment in the French army, and we're very proud to have one of our models associated with such a high-profile image
Antoine Ledoux had already graced us with an excellent VBCI from the RMT in 2018.
If you, too, would like a top-of-the-range model, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to produce quality models for you