Mockup Eurosatory 2024

October 23, 2023

Your best business card is here


Eurosatory is just a few months away, and this international event is surely one of the best showcases for your know-how. We can help you produce high-end models, prototypes and miniatures for your potential customers.

Our company:
Active in the model and miniature market since 1995, we are renowned for the quality of our creations and our excellent value for money.

Why mock-ups?
With a high-end mock-up that perfectly reproduces the qualities of your expertise, you'll have your best business card.

Which models?
Promodels can provide models and prototypes in all scales, from one-offs to large-scale production runs.

With 2 workshops in Paris, 2 other workshops in Europe and subcontractors around the world, we can meet all your requirements.

We know that confidentiality is important to you, but for most of our models we don't need any confidential documents. Dimensions and HD detail photos are all we need to create your miniatures.

Of course, we're also happy to help you with any projects you may need to develop as models and/or prototypes.

Here are some of the models we built at Eurosatory 2022
Jaguar 1/10 educational model
FOB Novakamp educational diorama, 120 x 100 cm, 1:87 scale
Educational diorama at 1:48 scale
And also promotional models for VIP gifts