PRESTIGE models: know-how for unique models

March 26, 2023

Your brand image at its best

Nexter Sherpa Arquus Leclerc tank model

Canjuers camp refuelling 1/48 scale models diorama

A unique piece to enhance your product is possible with Promodels, which is able to create any kind of diorama, including a top-of-the-range model in the right environment.

From industrial prototypes to customized models

Diorama VAB TOP Afghanistan 1/48th scale model
Our expertise lies not only in providing you with a quality model, but also in meeting all your requirements, whatever they may be!

Just a few examples of our VERY personalized creations!

A targeted gift that's sure to leave an indelible impression of your brand.
A plaque, a label, a posture or a diorama with all the guidelines of your specifications - anything is possible to personalize our models to the extreme and surprise your customer with its originality.
self-propelled CAESAR Nexter Arquus
Caesar self-propelled gun in action in an FOB in Afghanistan
Model of the Scarabee from the comic strip "La chevauchee d'Arquus"

Promotional mock-ups for marketing and communication

Since 1995, we have been supporting our customers in their marketing communication campaigns by providing advice, creativity and expertise to create prototypes and prestige models customized to their image. So why not contact us?