The igloomobile or Kharkovchanka

September 4, 2019

Metal model of the igloomobile Kharkovchanka

Tractor built especially by the Soviet for expedition in Antarctica.
High-end miniatures in metal - dimensions 190 x 80 x 150 mm
A total of five all-terrain vehicles were built and delivered to Antarctica at the end of 1958.
The AT-T heavy artillery tractor is based on the chassis and the T-54 tank transmission system.
It had impressive dimensions: 8.5 meters long, 3.5 meters wide and 4 meters high and its usual speed was 5-11 km / h.
The vehicle contains, in addition to the ordinary furnishings of a dwelling, a scientific laboratory and an electricity generator. It weighs 34 tons [about 33.5 imperial tons or 37.5 US tons]. Each tracks is [1 meter] 3 feet wide. It carries 20 tons [about 20 tons imperial or 22 tons US] of gasoline in a trailer and could drag a load of 70 tons.
Mock up metal made completely by hand in very limited series.
  • model-Kharkovchanka-att54-shipping
Given the presence of the American flag, the Cold War did not take place at the South Pole.
  • ModelKharkovchanka-att54-freighter
  • Model-Kharkovchanka-att54-radio
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