Didactic Jaguar model

August 28, 2022

Promodels models at Eurosatory


Educational Jaguar model at 1/10th scale

After a well-deserved rest, here is a first part of the models we made for the Eurosatory exhibition.

First of all, we would like to thank the COGES for the excellent organization of this edition and for the success of this show which kept all its promises.

Beautiful people for an excellent show

Essential models for quality trade shows

Well-provided and well-respected specifications
Our models were present as well as presentation models but also as high-end gifts, which due to their quality have surely satisfied many visitors and the glowing comments of visitors passing through our stand have confirmed this to us.

An educational model par excellence !

Among all our models, we can present you in detail a model which thanks to the quality of our know-how allows our client to use it as a didactic tool in order to present in detail the different important parts of his know-how

  • Details-didactic-model-Jaguar-1/10
  • Details-didactic-model-Jaguar-1/10
Flashing LEDs to highlight know-how

3D and traditional model, the right mix!

With well-defined specifications, we were able, in close collaboration with the client, to reproduce a model, both aesthetically beautiful but also technically capable of meeting all his expectations.

Promodels your supplier of high-end models

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