Miniatures métal AML Panhard

November 6, 2020

Metal AML Panhard miniatures by Promodels


La gamme maquette Prometal de Promodels

The objective of the Prometal range is clearly to offer models that have no chance of being reproduced in large series like our two previous models of the Laffly W15 TCC and ARL 44 tank but we could not leave miniatures like the AML Panhard without a small production in metal for a machine as mythical as this one, even if it is not the only one that deserves it ...
We are not going to redo the history of AMLs here, others are doing it much better and I advise you to read the excellent work by Charles Maisonneuve

A very limited edition range

Each model in the PROMETAL range is offered in a very limited numbered edition, of 25 or 50 pieces maximum. Each copy will be sold in a showcase box. In addition to the metal bodywork produced by electroplating copper particles, collectors will appreciate the precision of the models and the added details which will make these miniatures precise and precious collector's items, since they are produced in very small quantities.
  • Model-AML-60-Panhard-Prometal-1/48
  • Model-AML-90-Panhard-1/48
AML 60 and AML 90 of the 4th Dragons EFAO in Africa

Quality metal miniature

The unassembled, unpainted AML Panhard miniature metal with their copper shells and the various details that make the reputation of our brand.
  • Model-AML-Panhard-Prometal
  • Model-AML-60-Panhard-Prometal
Our projects are not limited and we are sharpening our electrodes to find out if we should offer "among others" an AMX 50, ALR 40, Somua MCL5 + Coder trailer, Somua Sau 40 or others.