SEO has the spotlight with our Promodels models

February 28, 2022

Quality industrial models for SEO


Our collection of SEO vehicles is growing and we are happy with the trust placed in us by SEO and Renault Trucks for the creation of these models which take us out of our comfort zone regularly but always with great pleasure.

Exhibitions, gifts, presentations,a model for all your projects

1/24th and 1/48th scale model
In addition to making high-end models, we are able to produce models of all sizes while always maintaining the same quality.

Industrial model with details and quality

details and quality for a model of only 16 cm
You can notice that the smallest markings are present and that all the different colors of the actual vehicle are respected.
  • Models-CCR10-SEO-Master-Fighter
  • Models-CCR10-SEO-Master-Fighter
  • Models-CCR10-SEO-Master-Fighter
  • Models-CCR10-SEO-Master-Fighter

Two different sizes but same quality

Whether it is a matte French earth brown or a shiny SEO gray, we respect your specifications. As you can see in the model, all configurations of a vehicle can be chosen, such as highlighting the Magyar distribution system with very detailed details.

After the 5000l CCA5, here is the 10000l CCR10!
Yet another model in our catalog of SEO models but also from the Renault Trucks range for which we are proud to produce small series.

Our presentation remains sober but of quality with plexiglass display cases and packaging with your printed logos.
But nothing stops us from creating even more VIP displays for you to showcase your models.

Do you want to promote your product with a quality model? the request is just one click away!