Patrimoine Arquus

July 5, 2021

Patrimoine Arquus from Past to Future

Promodels is happy to participate with its range of models in part of the Arquus Heritage.
As Emmanuel Levacher said so well in his presentation speech of the Arquus Conservatory, the initials PA can be interpreted in different ways and with our models, we are proud to be able to illustrate the past and the future of Arquus and its heritage.
Model tank-FT-17-Master-Fighter
FT-17 tank model at 1/32 scale
The history going back far enough with so many mythical vehicles that we still have a lot of work to reproduce part of this beautiful history.
An enlarged view of this model allows you to visualize all the details with the hundreds of rivets, the Panhard logo on the glacis but also the very realistic shackles.
We do not forget the decoration as well as the historical markings which are an integral part of our R & D.

Mythical machines and others in the making !

With the quality of our models, we hope to contribute at our level, to the industrial history of Arquus.
Each new model makes us want to go further and it gives us results like this VBL very soberly placed on its base but quite authentic.
Do not hesitate to follow the news of the Arquus heritage