A Griffon on the lookout in the desert

September 12, 2023

Serie Prestige Promodels


Always quick to react to incidents involving French interests, a GTIA is deployed in the desert with the new CAMTAC camouflage.
After disembarking its combat group, the Griffon remains on the lookout for protection, thanks to its remotely-operated Hornet turret.

A diorama from the Promodels Prestige Series

Camouflage completely adapted to its environment

The Griffon is also equipped with the Antares system, which gives the crew a 360° view of the environment, and Metravib's Pilar V, which determines the start of a shot immediately, while pointing the turret in the right direction.
The SCORPION Combat Information System (SICS) enables collaborative combat with the unit's other machines, so that fighters remain ready to move as soon as the enemy is spotted.

Despite all this equipment, the crew failed to notice that they too were being watched by a thrush, which was protecting its nest with its egg!


The thrush that protects its nest with its egg had better watch out!

Mockup of VBMR Griffon KNDS / Arquus / Thales


All the know-how and quality of Promodels condensed into 30x15x14 cm

Not only do we faithfully reproduce the best products from our manufacturers, we also show them off to their best advantage!
For us, the KNDS / Arquus / Thales Griffon is a key component in the development of the Scorpion program models, with all the variants currently under development.
Our know-how encompasses a whole range of skills and knowledge that can meet all your needs, and we are at your disposal to turn your ideas into reality.

To create a diorama of this kind requires a great deal of experience, as it takes years of practice to reproduce an environment that integrates a set of scenery, figures and vehicles with such harmony.
Having a top-of-the-range model is not enough to produce such a precise work of art, which immerses you in such realism, but the Promodels team has the knowledge to master such subjects.
The lively attitude of the figurines and the vehicle's complete integration into a finely reproduced environment make it the masterpiece of your catalog.

Prestige models on demand


To protect such an exceptional piece, the diorama comes with a top-of-the-range display case

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Certificate of authenticity n°SPP20230807
A Griffon on the lookout in the desert
This diorama is a unique piece from our prestige series
handcrafted in our Paris workshop on 07/08/2023

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