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Personalized gift models


A beautiful model, a nameplate, an original diorama base to show off the model, all under a top-of-the-range display case, and you've got the ideal gift.

What could be better for a personalized going-away present than a high end product representing exactly the subject that will give immense pleasure to its recipient.
Mock-up PPLOG Iveco and VAB Arquus 1/87th
If you have an idea for THE gift that you won't find anywhere else, that will be completely original and above all UNIQUE, let us know and we'll make your idea THE gift of your dreams.
Mockup PPLOG Iveco 1/87th
1/87th scale Promodels models produced in our Paris 12e workshop from customer specifications.
If you too have the need to reward a customer or colleague, don't hesitate to contact us.