Eurosatory 2020 projects

October 19, 2019
The most important international event Eurosatory will take place in a few months. It is surely one of the most beautiful showcases to present your know-how. We would like to accompany you in the realization of advertising objects, models, prototypes and high quality miniatures for your potential customers.
Our society :
Having been in the market of the models and miniatures since nearly 25 years we are referenced like supplier of the promotional miniatures for the companies Nexter, Thales and all the brands of the group Arquus / Renault Trucks Defense and also General Dynamics European Land Systems GDELS as well as the URO company in Spain.

Why models?
Exhibition models / presentations:
The use of a model is one of the best ways to demonstrate the seriousness and promise of your know-how. During the meeting with investors or managers, at the exhibition or presentation the quality model always gives credibility and importance to any project. Graphics, explanations and drawings with the presence of the model become more important and clearer. It is an indispensable support for all virtual presentations in order to visualize the volumes and proportions of any object which finally must be produced concretely.
Mockup 1/16th length 35 cm
Often it is impossible to transport a full size product, so for exhibitions or presentations, it is much easier to bring and carry a smaller and lighter model instead of organizing the transportation. For a quick demonstration or outside workshop it is very difficult to bring your visitors on the real vehicle to discover a part of your experience with our mockups and details we can reproduce the best, you don’t have this problem and in addition your potential customer can leave with a gift model.
Harder to forget than a business card !
Gift mockups:
Highly educated professionals could show a real interest in fascination of a beautiful miniature. Your gift would become not only present to someone, but nice and interesting visual branding for the entire company and the team that will be displayed in plain sight, what is very important.
Our activity goes from the single piece to the mass production and we are able to offer you all your materials in the size you want and in the quantities you request. Our asset is the manufacture of small series of a minimum 300 copies with prices to suit each budget, while having a superior quality of manufacture to satisfy top companies like yours.Naturally, the series production (from 300 pcs) has the advantage of having a very reasonable price with a minimum period of 5 months whereas the small series benefit of a short period within 10 weeks but at higher price.
The first impression of your product which your customer gets during the presentation is a VIP box what is created specially to make a part of your brand image.
  • Model-Griffon-VBMR-Master-Fighter
The scale of our mockups (1/48e) is large enough to observe all the details while keeping an acceptable size to remain in presentation, visible, on a desk or display. It is for your salesmen a model easily transportable but sufficiently detailed to present the main assets of your vehicles.

We don’t need any confidential documents to produce the majority of our models for we know that confidentiality is essential to you. The dimensions as well as photos of details are enough to realize your miniatures.
Pictures of details + dimensions = high-end model
Surely we are in your disposal for all your projects you would like to make as promotional items, models and / or prototypes as per your kind request.
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