Reconnaissance vehicles 1914-2021

February 7, 2021

Armored recognition by Promodels

Here's an overview of some of the reconnaissance vehicles used from the beginnings of mechanization to the present day.
While reconnaissance aims to gather information on the enemy, armored reconnaissance adds the combat capability to engage the enemy and force him to react, thus revealing his defensive system and combat power.
Our aim is not to "discuss" the functions and characteristics of the various machines - others can do that much better than we can - but to present these vehicles on the same stage, which would be very difficult to bring together other than in scale models.

1/48 Models AML 90 - ERC 90 Sagaie - AMX 10 RC SEPAR - EBRC Jaguar

Another comparison, shorter in time, with the 2 machines that the EBRC is to replace.
Note the diversity of colors and camouflages, and look forward to seeing the "Scorpion" camouflage on the EBRC.
The 2 models are in the same 1/48th scale.
Yes, there are 3 crewmen in each craft.
Even if the doctrine of employment, the era and the names have changed, the general function of reconnaissance remains the Ariane thread of these machines.
4 pax for the 10 RC and 3 pax for the EBRC, but with extra MMPs!
An evolution between the 2 machines, but still the same quality for the models, with enough detail to make them educational objects too.
From industrial models of our heritage to our history
The 1/48-scale Master Fighter miniature measures 160 x 80 x 95 mm, and is fitted with all the accessories that will equip the vehicle for operational deployment, produced with the high degree of realism for which the brand is renowned.
Detail is pushed to the limit, including the headlamp and light protectors in fine photoetched wire mesh, as well as the handrails and handles in separate parts.
What's more, the painting of all the details makes this miniature strikingly realistic.
All models are at the same scale (1/48), i.e. 48 times their actual size.
This allows us to better visualize the size differences and compare the evolution of several reconnaissance vehicles since 1914.
The Renault ED and its "landscape" camouflage face to face with the EBRC and the latest French Army "camouflage".
Promodels, your promotion through quality models
The Engin blindé de reconnaissance et de combat (EBRC) is a new-generation 6 x 6 wheeled armored vehicle designed to replace the ERC-90 Sagaie and AMX-10 RC in the French Army.
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