EBRC model in detail

May 30, 2021

EBRC Jaguar model, quality is in the details

The EBRC model of the Scorpion program made by Promodels.
If quality is in the detail, it's even truer for scale models, and to illustrate this point we're using our EBRC model, but not only!
Promodels' 1/48-scale EBRC miniature measures 160 x 80 x 95 mm, and is fitted with all the accessories that should equip the vehicle for operational deployment.
EBRC 1/48 scale model
Creating a beautiful model is an easy task for a team of experts in the high-end sector.
For this, experience and knowledge of "old-fashioned" working methods combined with the latest technologies are essential to combine the best of both to make a top-of-the-range model.
Top-of-the-range to satisfy the most demanding customers

1:48 scale EBRC Jaguar model

The detailing goes all the way down to the headlamp covers and lights, with their fine, grid-like cut-outs, as well as the handrails and handles in separate pieces, among others.
What's more, the painting of all the details makes this miniature strikingly realistic.
Details from every angle
Bear in mind that the photos magnify the actual size of the model by several times, so the details are all the more amplified.
Naturally, quality will be exacerbated with these close-up views, but so will mediocrity if you can find it !
Model VLFS Areg d'Arquus
All our models are built to the same high quality standards, and we apply the same care to all types of model, in all scales.
A few close-up views of some of our other models.
  • Model-VLRA-Fireman-Master-Fighter
  • Model-CCA5-Master-Fighter
Details gossi 4 times VLRA firefighter and CCA5
On any miniature, we always opt to reproduce all the details we can reduce to the scale required by the customer.
You are the master builder of our miniatures, we are only the master builder with the documents you provide.
Model in copper, brass, white metal, resin and plastic
The Engin blindé de reconnaissance et de combat is produced by 3 major national companies for this program.
The EBRC model for the Scorpion program was produced for Arquus, in charge of mobility for the EBRC Jaguar.

We're delighted to have been able to make this model, which is technically very interesting to reproduce, and www.promodels.fr remains open to all your other requests.