A Jaguar in the deep freeze

August 21, 2023

Serie Prestige Promodels


The diorama measures 30 x 15 x 14 cm

Imagine, we create!

Model Promodels prestige series

A coherent whole where all the elements fit together correctly

As with the production of models for our customers, we are very demanding when it comes to the realism of the dioramas we create.
The success of such an exceptional piece requires the mastery of three different skills.
- The base, a model of the high-end product with all the details of a vehicle in action!
- The figurines that bring the scene to life and give the vehicle its scale.
- The diorama elements that make the whole scene as realistic as possible.


Even when dirty and muddy, the Promodels model remains a high-end model

Our experience in all these fields means that we can meet even the most demanding requirements and offer our customers dioramas that are limited only by their imagination!

History through diorama

Following the replacement of its AMX 10 RCr by the new EBRC Jaguar, the 4th RCh is experimenting with it in late winter exercises to test the new CAM-TAC winter camouflage.
An officer from the 27th BIM discusses the procedure for the next reconnaissance mission this Jaguar is to perform in foggy weather.

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CAM-TAC winter camouflage in operation

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model Jaguar Scorpion

Such an exceptional piece deserves a showcase

Certificate of authenticity n°SPP20230817
A Jaguar in the cold
This diorama is a unique piece from our prestige series
handcrafted in our Paris workshop on 17/08/2023

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