Customer relations, a pillar of success for a quality product

October 16, 2021

A quality model is above all quality documentation

It is during the trade fair that we are delighted to be able to interact with our customers in order to be as close as possible to their needs and to know their wishes in terms of models.
We also thank all the visitors we met on our stand for their very constructive discussions.

Customer relations

To achieve quality, you have to be as close as possible to your customers because a model is a set of qualities united to achieve a precise model that is representative of the original with all these details and for once, this model. don't miss it!
The quality does not come from a simple 3D file, it comes from a search for the true details of the real vehicle and its adaptation on a reduced scale which combines various talents which use old and new technologies
You have in front of you the result of our work combining all of our experience and this is all the more true for this model, produced without a 3D file.
Colors, details, markings, everything is respected !

High-end industrial models

  • Kit-camion-Renault-CCA5-Master-Fighter
  • Model-CCA5-Renault-Trucks
The 1/48-scale kit - Many precise parts
Before being a beautiful high-end model, there is a real work as a model maker to know what is best for the realization of each spare part.Beautiful photos with the dimensions of your project and you will have such a detailed mockup with this quality.
I would like to thank Renault Trucks and Titan Defense for placing their trust in us for the production of this model and the SEO for their desire to have high-end models.
Model available in our shop: Model tactical refueller truck CCA5