The Centaure from Soframe,
 the Gendarmerie's new armoured vehicle

April 8, 2023
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All the expertise of the French DTIB at the service of our law enforcement agencies

Centaure, the Gendarmerie's new armoured vehicle

The successor to the Gendarmerie's wheeled armoured vehicle (VBRG) is now known. It is the "ARIVE" (for ARmoured Infanty VEhicle), a 4x4 armoured vehicle produced by Soframe. 90 units have been ordered. The first delivery is expected in 2023. In the ranks of the gendarmerie, it will be known as the Centaure!
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A mock-up of Soframe's Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle by Promodels


Don't forget that this cable cutter is only 10 mm long and 0.2 mm thick on the model.

All the mastery of Promodels present in this miniature a beautiful finish, very precise details, metal parts including very realistic grids and a decoration consistent with reality. To succeed in making a beautiful industrial model, it is a real profession that requires experience that can only be acquired over the years. In accordance with the customer's specifications, the model includes all the elements of the vehicle presented at Eurosatory


3D is good, but it's far from enough to get a model that matches your products. An example among many others that illustrates very well the work of a professional model maker!


A top-of-the-range model that will sit proudly on the desk of its lucky owner.


Some of the parts we use to make our VIP models

A quality model is to use the appropriate materials according to their uses and what better than a metal grid to represent a metal grid?


A beautiful presentation is just as important!

Our "Made in France" manufacturing is done in our workshop in Paris and if you too are interested in having a high quality product to represent all the qualities of your products, do not hesitate to contact us!