CAMTAC camouflage

July 14, 2023

Promodels at the forefront of French Army news


No sooner had the July 14th parade ended with the presentation of the latest Army camouflage, CAMTAC, than Promodels launched a very limited special edition of the Griffon with these new camouflages.

Tactical Camouflage (CAMTAC)


Your mock-ups don't attract attention! We have solutions

As the 3-tone Centre-Europe camouflage with its different shades and colors had outlived its usefulness, and as black was very bad for thermal detection, for example, a new solution had to be found!
The new "terre de France" brown tint for Army vehicles is the result of feedback reports from various operationals expenditure, which required our vehicles to be completely repainted, depending on the theater of operation.
Naturally, it's unthinkable to have the vehicles we need in every possible camouflage, so the solution of a basic "all-purpose" tint compatible with the 3 main camouflages was the obvious one!

An integral part of the Scorpion program, this new camouflage is, along with the "terre de France" brown, Army new imprint for its front-line armored vehicles.
The new pattern, designed to improve stealth and concealment, is made up of different self-adhesive triangles which can be assembled together to form geometric patterns, easily removable for quick replacement by one of the other seasonal camouflages.
The Europe camouflage should be applied ex-factory, enabling rapid changeover thanks to the triangles kits supplied for each vehicle, which simply need to be positioned on the existing triangles, especially as each vehicle will have a specific pattern.
To complete the system, a new Barracuda-type multispectral camouflage net (yet to be determined) should replace the existing ECR bag net.

Model of the Griffon VBMR


A lot of hard work, but the result is worth it!

Thanks to almost 30 years' know-how, Promodels has studied the best solution for reproducing this very specific and precise type of camouflage, which requires no approximation.
Laid out one by one, this work requires particular attention to each geometric set, and as you can see, despite the size of our models, the result is very convincing.

All that remains is to include our different models in a diorama adapted to each camouflage to test the stealth and transform these high-end models into exceptional models.
This will soon be possible with our new range of prestige models.

Les maquettes du VBMR Griffon

Grâce à un savoir-faire de près de 30 ans, Promodels a étudié la meilleure solution pour reproduire ce type de camouflage très spécifique et très précis qui requière aucune approximation.
Appliqué un à un, ce travail requière une attention particulière pour la pose de chaque ensemble géométrique et comme vous pouvez le voir, malgré la taille de nos maquettes le résultat est très probant.
Ne reste plus qu’à inclure nos différentes maquettes dans un diorama adapté à chaque camouflage pour tester la furtivité et transformer ces modèles haut de gamme en des maquettes d’exception.
Cela sera, bientôt, rendu possible avec notre nouvelle gamme de maquettes prestige.

Models 1/87th HO

Promodels can handle any scale and any size!
As Promodels knows no limits when it comes to the possibilities of its creations, we also tested camouflage on our 1/87th scale model, with the same result!

Jaguar, CAMTAC style

Here's a foretaste of what's to come in our Jaguar series, CAMTAC-style. All that's missing is the Serval and Leclerc XLR tanks to complete the picture and round off the Scorpion range of high-end models.
If you, too, are interested in creating high-end mock-ups or building and managing a catalog of your products, we can meet all your needs, so contact us!