Barkhane or the era of Arquus in the Sahel

January 27, 2022

A concentrate of 100% Arquus models


It's a real part of the Arquus story that we were asked to reproduce, and we wanted everyone who sees this diorama to appreciate all the different details of this scene.

Each micro-scene is different from the previous one, so that each time the "visitor's" eye finds something different to match reality as closely as possible.

Created from an ECPAD photo, we were able to use our range of models to easily assemble all the vehicles in the photo, 100% from the Arquus range.
The layout of this bivouac may seem confusing, but each vehicle is clearly in its place, with a military organization based on the specific features of each machine.

Promodels your supplier of high-end models

We're lucky enough to produce most of our models in 1/48 scale, which is probably the best ratio between quality of detail and size of footprint for a diorama of this size, enabling us to "tell" a real page in the history of our Army.

All our vehicles are uniquely crafted, with each machine differing from the next by the addition of details that are specific to each machine and, above all, as they are in the real world!
All the figures have different poses to integrate the diorama in a dynamic, lively setting, and the camouflage paintings are all done by hand, benefiting from all our know-how in terms of knowledge of our Army's vehicles, its environment and, above all, its soldiers.
For us, model building is a global service, and at your convenience, Promodels can supply display cases to protect your models, as well as cases for all types of transport.

Promodels is available for all your projects, and with Eurosatory just around the corner, in addition to being able to produce your models, we can realize your wishes to present your projects in their environment.
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