Our Mythical AMX-30 with scale model Paris

September 7, 2019

Le dernier char AMX-30 B2


If our main activity is the realization of the last prototypes or models of series that have just returned in service, we could not miss this version of our mythical AMX-30 in its version Brennus which remains a small challenge because of its complexity even in model.

Scale model Paris production

As usual, our personalization service has "amused" (is it the right term?) to achieve this camouflage type FORAD which is a real complexity in miniature but so interesting once completed
  • Model-tank-AMX-30-B2-Brennus
  • Model-tank-AMX-30-B2-Forad
For customization, imagine, we do it for you! AMX-30 B2 Brennus tank "in action" made to order