Special model of the July 14th parade

July 9, 2023

When the AMX 10P paraded the Champs Elysees

In our series, our customers have talent, Pierre C. presents us with the model of our AMX 10 P, assembled and painted by himself, and which represents a model prepared for a July 14th parade with a "bright" paint job, as the "oiled" machines could be, to better shine during our National Holiday, hence the reason for this title!

The workhorse of mechanized infantry from 1973 onwards, the AMX 10 P was produced in over 1,800 units by GIAT Industrie, and will be inseparable from our other AMX, the 30!
After more than 40 years of loyal service, it was retired and replaced by the VBCI.

Model of the AMX 10 P

Whether in kit form or for our assembled and painted models, Promodels prioritizes quality, and this model is no exception, with its machined brass barrel and all the little details that make our brand so famous.
Promodels offers a very wide range of current and historical models, and if you would like us to develop and manage models from your product catalog, please contact us.